Monsieur Fruits

Monsieur Fruits

The voice and guitar – enchanting and cheerful

Monsieur Fruits plays in a trio made of his voice, his guitar and himself.

A bit of sweetness, a handful of lightness and a pinch of madness so present in his music transport the listeners to a world in which everyone can dance, sing and have fun. Brassens, Marley, french street music, but above all and always – music to dance to. Scottish, mazurka, waltz, chapelloise – each will make you smile. A dose of vitamins and endorfins – just what you need on a cold winter’s night – to taste and savour without repentance!

He’s the author of the most ORGANIC balfolk CD, he made dancers of the biggest events such as Gennetines, St. Gervais, CaDansa, Funambals (Lyon), Les Nuits du Folk en Diois, Festival Boulegan a l’Osta and many many others whirl to his tunes.