Workshops part II

SUNDAY 19.02.2017
1 workshop – 30 pln/person
Workshop Full Pass (5 workshops) – 125 pln/person

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Please consider arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the starting time of the event.

The workshops take place in Gimnazjum nr 23 im. Szarych Szeregów
Osiedle Jagiellońskie 128, 61-223 Poznań

[LW4] 12:30-14:30 Blues up your bal folk! – Mikuláš Bryan

Blues is to America, what balfolk is to Europe. With a pinch of salt. There are many simillarities, though: it’s a vernacular folk dance style open to evolution of the music and new influences. It also covers a variety of different dances within. And most importantly, it has evolved in a setting very similar to nowadays folk parties and festivals: crowded jook-joints with many people partying to music based on grooves and riffs. There is more than a few things we can take from blues to our European folk dancing. We will try to cover as many as the time will allow for…

Mikuláš Bryan works hard on promoting bal folk on the Czech scene, while also teaching blues dancing and dance technique on a regular basis. His dancing background consists of tango, swing, salsa and, balboa with jazz and contemporary workshops here and there. Although he approaches every dance with a deep respect for its roots and traditions, he always aspires to broaden its horizons and create a bridge between tradition and modernity.

[LW5] 14:45-16:45 Just relax! – Line and Mara

In this workshop Line and Mara, two dancing teachers from Berlin, want to help you to relax during dancing. While moving in a couple we often stress out ourselves about how to lead or follow “correctly”, how to dance in the rhythm, how we look like and what our dancing partner might think about us. All this tension goes from our brain directly into our body and we get stuck instead of creating a mutual dance movement. The workshop should help to rip the wall of tension in our minds and find a better connection between our bodies, the music and the dance.

Let´s discover, how easy dancing could be as soon as you start relaxing!

Line and Mara dance and teach Balfolk in Berlin. They grew up with Balfolk-dances since they were around 12 years old. For them dancing fills a big part of their lives and they understand is as one way to connect body and mind. They also believe it should involve meeting other individuals with respect and conscience. They teach regularly in Berlin and occasionally in festivals like Prague Balfolk Weekend.


The last notes of the festival will resonate in a friendly atmosphere of a folk dance session. A chance to integrate both dancers and musicians with music that speeds the feet of the first and stirs the hearts of the latter. Assuming that while musicians have an inexhaustible energy, the dancers might already be a little bit tired – from time to time we will allow some other, less danceable, tunes to sneak in.

We propose the meeting for the musicians at 6 PM – gathering, small talk and tunig and about 7 PM – the real deal time to play the session!

Place – pub Nowa Czytelnia, św. Marcin 69.