Your support for Lovembal 2018

Your support for Lovembal 2018

As you may well know, while planning and preparing a big event such as festival, there is this thing that doesn’t let the organizing team sleep at night: the budget. Dealing with it is never easy, but we are absolutely sure that with your help we will make it! All of our activities are the result of passion for dancing and our events – Lovembal included – are all non-profit. Considering the scale of the project, we really need the help and support of other enthusiasts. The success of the first Lovembal edition wouldn’t have been possible without the crowdfunding campaign which was supported by more than a hundred wholehearted people.

To collect the funds for the next edition of Lovembal we’ve lanced a campaign through and we invite you to support it. All the information can be found here:,lovembal-2018—festiwal-balfolkowy–en

It should be possible to support the campaign using with SEPA payments. It is the only accepted payment method for international payments, unfortunately there is no card payment on this platform. Should you need any guidance trough the buying process please ask us via e-mail:

If there’s absolutely no technical way for you to make a donation and yet there’s something of the limited offer that you would really like to have – please contact us, we’ll try to work out a solution. Merchandise like t-shirts, magnets, pins, posters will be available to buy during the festival as well (but remember that buying the t-shirt though the campaign guarantees you’ll get one in your proper size!

? The campaign ends on the 16.01.2018 at 23:59:00

The collected funds will be wholly destined to cover the artists’ wages, renting of the festival spaces and promotion of the event. Our supporters can get amazing perks in all range of prices. You can for example choose from small festival gadgets, buy yourself a festival t-shirt or a calendar (where you can mark all your dancing events), get a personal dedication before a chosen tune or treat yourself with a henna tattoo. The more funds we collect, the more we can propose you during the event.

If you are not able to support us financially we ask you to share the news of this campaign and about the festival itself – also to the people not necessarily hooked on bal folk! Every penny and every gesture matters!

Thank you!