Workshops part I


1 workshop – 30 pln/person
Workshop Full Pass (5 workshops) – 125 pln/person

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Please consider arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the starting time of the event.

The workshops take place in Gimnazjum nr 23 im. Szarych Szeregów
Osiedle Jagiellońskie 128, 61-223 Poznań

[LW1] 11:30-13:30 Couple dances tricks – Patrice Gesbert

An approach of couple dances throughout inner listening, to (re)discover what music tells us about… feeling the dance, the impulses and the other(s). Immersing in music will help to understand oneself, as well as read an communicate with our dance partner. We will focus mainly on waltzes, so a good basis of this dance is required.

Patrice Gesbert – known to all mostly as Monsieur Fruits – guitarist, singer, songwriter, but also an experienced dancer and teacher. He searches to show infinite possibilities of musical interpretation that can make a simple dance – unforgettable.

[LW2] 13:45-15:45 Creating a space for movement – Mikuláš Bryan

It’s time to move past those “leading” and “following” clichés. We will try to think out of the folksy box and approach dancing as a mutual activity, where everybody is responsible for his own movement, while creating the space for the movement of the other(s). This will involve developing a comfortable, flexible frame of connection between you and your partner that will allow you to pass on even the complicated ideas with ease. Or not. But we will definitely have some fun trying!

Mikuláš Bryan works hard on promoting bal folk on the Czech scene, while also teaching blues dancing and dance technique on a regular basis. His dancing background consists of tango, swing, salsa and, balboa with jazz and contemporary workshops here and there. Although he approaches every dance with a deep respect for its roots and traditions, he always aspires to broaden its horizons and create a bridge between tradition and modernity.

[LW3] 16:00-18:00 Love your Mazurka! Magdalena Dąbrowska

When it’s being announced heartbeats madly accelerate. The search for a perfect partner is on, all to make the most of the 5 minutes or so ahead. You close your eyes and plunge yourself into the unknown. Music is your map, emotions help to guide the way, you move with your whole body – but what about your partner? How to dance with him/her and not make this feel awkward? How to prepare to share this journey? You know you ABC, you know your ma-zur-ka 1-2-3, but how do you reach this higher level of skills and all that jazz, oh wait – mazurka?  Breath in and out and let go of the schemes. Manage your balance and how to communicate with it with your partner, change the dynamics, rotate, listen to the music and wait for it when necessary. Master what you already know and add new ideas, so that you can follow your heart and consciously build your dance. Fall in love with your dancing! Love your mazurka!

Magdalena Dąbrowska – actress, dancer, singer. She conducts theatre and dance workshops all around Europe, co-creator of the Warsaw group Dans Ludica, member of the Association Folk Lab Paris, where for two years she held regular dance workshops for an advanced group and organized bals. Her fascinations and traveling to explore dance and music are endless. She started with classical dance, also trained ballroom and contemporary dance, 15 years ago  became fascinated with traditional European and Latin America dances, and recently more and more immersed in swing, charleston and blues. The scene is her second home, but one she leaves whenever possible to move and engage in another theatrical or dance journey, to take part in new inspiring projects.

[LW0] 16:00-18:00 Take your first step scottish & mazurka – Magda Kowalczyk

They say every journey starts with a single step – the first one. Well, there’s no better time to take you first step in balfolk then during a festival. With scottish and mazurka being a must-be dance on every bal, you can’t have a better option to begin with. We would like to welcome all of you, who’d like to urge to the dancefloor to this workshop – which hopefuly will allow you take boldly your first and all the nexts steps.


Magda Kowalczyk – after graduating at Roman Philology Faculty in Poznan, she decided to go beyond strictly academic interest and immerse herself in the world of French dance and music. As she decided she did and the result of nearly three years of intense exploration of the festival dancefloors in Poland and beyond, allowed her to expand her knowledge, as well as enabled her to start sharing it with others.