All the balls will take place in club TROPS – ul. Św. Rocha 9, in Poznań
The workshops location will be given later on, they will all take place in the proximity of club TROPS.

All times given are approximate and subject to change.



Doors open 19:00
19:15 introduction do bal folk dances

20:30 Snaarmaarwaar
22:45 Leana & Hartwin
00:30 Mr. Folxlide


Doors open 19:00

19:30 Balzinga
21:00 Rémy Tatard
23:00 Trio Dhoore
01:30 Geronimo – Jeroen Geerinck


Open Stage + dance/music session – doors open at 17:30, a detailed prgramme of performances at the Open Stage will be published when the registration is completed.